A traditional building with long history, before the great earthquake of 1956, when it suffered several damages, which were later repaired. It was ownership of Marigoula and Yiannis Rompos, who was a well- known violinist of that time in Santorini.

The owners were always hospital people and their friends and relatives often visited them, throughout the whole year, so as to enjoy their famous hospitality, while tasting exquisite delicacies (Amvrosia) and drinking divine wine (Nektar) that were offered in the large dining area of the house (Symposio). After the great festivity, they had some rest at the guest’s house, sleeping in the arms of Morpheus.

In recent years, this great traditional house, was inherited by their granddaughter Yianna Ksigakis- Dalis, who feeling proud of the hospitality history of the house, named it to “Ikies Filoxenia” in honour of her ancestors. In our days, the house is transformed according to the contemporary needs of today’s traveler, who has the opportunity to be hosted in one of the four apartments of “Ikies Filoxenia”. The four apartments were named after the Greek mythology in combination with the modern history of the house.

“Nektar”, as the drink of the Gods in Greek mythology.

“Amvrosia”, as the food of the Gods in Greek mythology.

“Symposio”, as a friendly meeting dedicated to thinking, drinking and eating in ancient Greece.

“Morpheas”, as the God of sleep and dreams in Greek mythology.